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Religious Conversion Racket used Code Words for Communication

Jun 30, 2021
Two people arrested in the Religious conversion of differently abled children. Image source NewsBharati

Just two days ago U P police had busted one of the biggest Illegal Religious Conversion Group who used to convert differently abled children to Islam. And the biggest update on it is that they used Code Words to Interact with each other. 7 code words have been recognised by UP ATS

Uttar Pradesh ; After the biggest expose of the illegal Religious Conversion in UP. The UP ATS has now said in a press release that the conversion racket used to communicate with the help of Code Words. These words were used in everyday life but the Religious Conversion Racket had a different and cruel meaning behind it. The ATS is constantly monitoring all the activities and especially those who are involved in suspicious activity.

On Saturday late night in Lucknow UP ATS had arrested some people who were involved in the Illegal Religious conversion. After their arrest the culprits were grilled for hours. During the investigation the culprits had said that ” They used a sign language Code Words to communicate with each other. U P ATS has decoded almost all the code words. But still there’s one word which needs to be decoded.

Till now seven (7) code words have been digged out. Out of which one remains uncoded. These 7 code words were used by the specially abled children who used to communicate through these codes. Out of seven six have been identified.

According to G. K Goswami the IG of ATS the sign language was used to communicate between the specially abled children and hence some codes were created through which they used to communicate. All these 6 code words had different meaning like staying away from the Police to Foreign Funding all the information was provided through these code words.

List of the Code Words and their Meaning !

Mutakki ; This word was used regularly and was used to communicate between children and others.
Rahamat ; This word was used for Foreign Funding and countries which provided the funds
Allah Ke Bande ; This code word meant the likes on videos which were uploaded on Social Media for specially abled children.
Revert Back to Islam ; As the word indicates Back to Islam. This code indicates that the conversion to Islam. Deaf society teacher’s used this word for the conversion process. The specially abled children were influenced towards Islam by his words.
Salamat ; This word is used for Namaz. Those who carried out the conversion process were given this word. This word was used frequently and was used to provide information on Namaz.
Mobile Number and Date of Birth ; This word was used to mean the Religious conversion. The word Mobile number and DOB was also used an ID.

Kaum Ka Kalank ; this Code is still not recognised and is uncoded.

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