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13 year young boy shot while playing video games in his bedroom, by a stray bullet

Nov 22, 2021

A 13-year-old boy playing video games in his Pasadena, California, bedroom died after being hit by a stray bullet. A bullet, one of three to five shots fired nearby, came through a window of the Raymond Avenue home and hit the boy.

The teen died at a hospital after his family found him and called for help. Police don’t know where or why the gunshots were fired.

“He is a straight A student. He spends all his time inside his room, with his family, and today is not there,” said Pasadena Police Chief John E. Perez. Perez says there has been an increase in gang activity and shootings in the city, despite stepped up patrols.

Neither the teen or family was the intended target of the bullet.

“We don’t know who did this yet, but we will. We will catch these criminals and we will catch them quick,” he added.

The Pasadena Police Department is asking the public to come forward with any information. “If you know anything about this tragic incident, or you saw anything, please, please, please come forward to the Pasadena Police Department,” said police Cmdr. Mark Goodman.

“We will keep your information anonymous. What we want to do is find the people who are responsible for this tragic incident and bring them to justice.

“Speaking to the Pasadena Morning-Star, neighbor Jovita Gonzalez said that she heard two shots ring out on Saturday night and went out to see what was happening.

She saw the boy’s family waiting for help as the father stood motionless and the mother wept in the front yard.

“Without saying anything, she reached out and held me,” Gonzalez described. “She was pointing here, at her lung, and screaming, ‘They hurt my boy,’ and kept asking if the ambulance was here.”

Gonzalez also said that the neighborhood had seen a number of shootings in the last few months. “We’re tired of it,” she said.

“I can’t even go out front with my dog anymore because I’m afraid I’m going to get shot.

“Earlier in November, a sleeping 2-year-old was killed by a stray bullet while his family was driving home from San Francisco to Fremont, California.

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