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Zerodha Down; Company informs users about a technical glitch in selling shares

Oct 18, 2021
stock exchange board

Zerodha has informed users that they may face issue with authorising stocks sale. The company said it is experiencing issues with CDSL and are in touch to resolve the issue.

The notice was posted on the official company Twitter account on October 18 and also on its website, stating: “You may face an issue with authorizing the sale of your stocks due to an issue with CDSL. We are in touch with CDSL to have the issue resolved at the earliest.” (sic)

Users also got a notification informing them about the technical glitch.

Further, another CDSL-registered platform Groww also posted about technical difficulties on its app page. The notice states there is an issue with the CDSL TPIN, adding: “CDSL is facing issues in verifying sell orders with TPIN. Their team is working on it.”This is a developing story, stay tuned for more updates..

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