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Will it be iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s ? Next product of Apple

Jun 22, 2021
iPhone. Image credits India Today Tech

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s are you to curious to know about it? Then we have perfect match for this

New information hints at Apple’s plans for the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s due to launch later this year. Reports indicate that the company might be looking to increase its sales this year due to several factors acting to its benefit.

A new TrendForce report projects that Apple will produce up to 223 million units of the iPhone 13. The heightened sales is estimated as the US and Europe ease lockdown restrictions and buyers are out shopping again.

Another factor boosting the sales will be the absence of Huawei from the high-end smartphone segment in some markets. As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the report also mentions that Apple will retain the launch price of the new series as the last year’s launch price of the iPhone 12 models.

With these factors working in Apple’s favour, it is estimated that the new iPhone series will account for about 39 per cent of Apple’s total annual production volume for 2021.

As for what to expect on the launch, the new series is anticipated to comprise of four iPhone models – iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These will feature Apple’s A15 5nm+ chipset, upgraded camera setups and smaller notches at the front. 120Hz refresh rate is also expected on the Pro models while AMOLED panels might don all the variants. The memory options are likely to be limited to 512GB as last year’s offerings.

There is, however, a slight uncertainty.

Almost all the hints to date around the upcoming series of iPhones have been under the moniker iPhone 13. Though the name is easier to depict the sequential standing of this year’s iPhones, it is not necessary that Apple will stick to the numerics. In fact, speculations suggest the complete opposite.

Instead of going for iPhone 13 as the name for this year’s iPhone series. Apple might introduce it as iPhone 12s. The same has been speculated time and again online. Apple will likely do so to avoid the obvious aversion to the number 13 in its international markets.

It can thus name the series this year, with limited upgrades over iPhone 12 lineup, as iPhone 12s. The move will be just like Apple’s earlier naming of iPhone 6S and iPhone XS. It might then move on to iPhone 14 directly next year. ( We would thank India Today Tech for providing the useful info)

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