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Safest Phone on Earth is here, NitroPhone1 price and speks read and know

Sep 6, 2021

NitroPhone 1 price: Take a Google Pixel 4a, tear out its insides and throw them away and you’re on you way to have the safest Android phone on Earth.

NitroPhone 1 a German product and safest phone on earth… Courtesy HTTech

NitroPhone 1 price: When it comes to security, few Android phones can compare to Google, the company that makes Android for most phone manufacturers in the world. Google Pixel phones enjoy timely security and software updates every month, and even come with hardware security in the form of the included Titan M chip. But what if you wanted your phone to be even more secure? Here’s where a German company comes in with its NitroPhone 1 – a modified Google Pixel 4a smartphone that comes with GrapheneOS instead of Google’s default skin for Pixel phones. This makes it the safest Android phone on Earth.

With a focus on privacy, the NitroPhone 1 is essentially a smartphone that takes out the software from Google Pixel devices, and replaces it with the open-source GrapheneOS Android ROM, as 9to5Google reports. The device is the first smartphone from manufacturer NitroKey which is a German company that sells hardware security keys as well as laptops and PCs. The manufacturer reportedly offers the NitroPhone 1 for sale with the option to take out the microphone before it is delivered to you.

NitroPhone 1 price: The NitroPhone 1 might be one of the most secure Android smartphones available today, but it will certainly cost you a lot of money to purchase. While the Pixel 4a costs around ₹31,990 in India, the NitroPhone 1 will cost 630 Euro (approximately 54,629) without shipping charges. However, if you already have a Pixel 4a smartphone and want to keep your data private, you can also download GrapheneOS for free (it is an open source Android ROM after all) and flash it on your smartphone right away at no extra charge. However, for those who have not flashed software on their phones, it might be worth buying the phone at the extra cost.

NitroPhone 1 vs Google Pixel 4a: The biggest difference between a vanilla Google Pixel 4a and the NitroPhone 1 is the software. Android is torn out and replaced with GrapheneOS. The privacy-focused Android ROM comes with none of Google’s proprietary apps or services. This means that you won’t have access to services like Google Maps, or Google Photos – these can be installed if you really want them, but inside a secure sandbox that cuts out Google tracking, according to the report. Instead, the device comes with the open-source versions of these apps, and a ‘hardened’ version of the open-source Chromium browser for safer browsing online.

For more technically inclined readers, the operating system itself is GrapheneOS, the project dedicated to securing the operating system beyond Google’s security protections. This means that the device will run a hardened version of the Android kernel, WebView, compiler toolchain and other components like file system access. Interface improvements to improve privacy include automated shutdowns when you don’t use your phone for a while (better encryption) and masking your IMEI number, MAC address — it even has a feature that displays your passcode numbers in random order so people cannot memorise your PIN.

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