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Major Key points from PM Modi UNGA Debate, When India reforms world Transforms

Sep 25, 2021
PM Modi in UNGA

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Saturday in New York, he spoke on a host of issues including COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism, Afghanistan and climate change. 

PM Modi’s address — fourth at the UNGA — comes straight from the Quad summit on Friday when he also held a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

PM made an emphatic case that “Democracy can deliver, democracy has delivered”. A child who sold tea at the age of 4, has got the opportunity to lead India – the mother of democracy, and address the UN 4 times. (This empowerment is one among the many miracles of Indian democracy)

India is one sixth of the world. Therefore when India grows the world grows. When India reforms the world transforms. Through various transformational development programmes, it is contributing to global development and ensuring that “no one is left behind”. India’s tech innovations are helping the world whether it be ensuring financial inclusion through  UPI or improving vaccination drive in the fight against covid through cowin app.

Through “seva parmo dharm”, India has successfully overcome various constraints and innovated vaccines including the world’s first DNA vaccine. Also working on nasal vaccine and MNRA vaccine. This is possible through the hardwork of various stakeholders including scientists, doctors, front line workers etc.  Invited all to come to India and partner in this noble mission.  

Aatmanirbhar Bharat is aimed at expanding global value chains. India is a trustworthy and democratic partner for global industrial diversification .

India is ensuring a balance between economy and ecology, and the world can take pride in India’s efforts to combat climate change.

PM Modi addresses the UN General debate. Here are the Key takeaways

1. ‘India is known to be the mother of democracy’
2. ‘When India grows, the world grows’
3. ‘When India reforms, the world transforms’
4. ‘World has been grappling with worst pandemic’
5. PM Modi pays tribute to lives lost due to COVID-19
6. ‘Development should be all-pervasive, inclusive’
7. ‘India has brought 430 million to banking systems’
8. ‘India has built 30 million homes for homeless families’
9. ‘Every 6th person in the world is Indian’
10. ‘Oceans should not be used for expansion & exclusion’
11. ‘India is on a journey to provide clean & portable water’
12. ‘India developed world’s first DNA vaccine’
13. ‘India’s mRNA vaccine is in development stages’
14. ‘India has struck a balance between economy & ecology’
15. ‘India outperformed developed world on climate action’
16. ‘Emphasis on science bases approach to development’
17. ‘World faces a rising threat of extremism’
18. ‘No country should take advantage of Afghan crisis’
19. ‘Terrorism is an equal threat to nations using them’

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