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LPG price hiked but only of Commercial and not domestic, what does it mean know here

Nov 1, 2021

LPG prices forcommercial cylinders hiked from today

LPG prices for commercial cylinders have been increased by ₹ 266 from Monday. Commercial cylinders weighing 19 kg in Delhi will now cost ₹2000.50 from today onwards, as against ₹1734 earlier, reported news agency ANI.

There has been no increase in domestic LPG cylinders.

Ahead of Diwali, inflation bomb exploded yet again. After petrol and diesel, LPG prices were increased by Rs 265 per cylinder. However, the saving grace is that the price hike was made in commercial cylinders and not on cylinders for domestic use. There was no change in domestic LPG prices.

After this hike, commercial cylinder price in Delhi crossed Rs 2,000 mark. Earlier, it was being sold at Rs 1,733. In Mumbai, a 19 kg commercial cylinder, which was sold at Rs 1,683, now costs Rs 1,950 after today’s hike. In Kolkata, a 19-kg commercial cylinder now costs Rs 2,073.50 and in Chennai price of this product has increased to Rs 2,133.

Domestic cylinder price

LPG cylinders meant for domestic use witnessed no change in its value. In the national capital Delhi, a 14.2 kg without-subsidy LPG cylinder is sold at Rs 899.50. Worth mentioning here is that domestic LPG prices were increased on October 6. In Kolkata, a 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder costs Rs 926 while in Chennai it costs Rs 915.50.

Keeping in view the rising prices of crude oil, it is expected that domestic LPG cylinder prices may cross the Rs 1,000 mark soon.

In this year so far, domestic LPG cylinder prices have increased from Rs 694 in January to Rs 899.50 now after eight straight increases.

The two main factors that determine the prices of LPG cylinders in India are global crude oil prices and the dollar-rupee exchange rate as crude prices are denominated in US dollars. Brent crude prices are now hovering near $84 per barrel while the dollar-rupee exchange rate on Friday closed at 74.88 mark, putting pressure on LPG prices.

As per existing rules, households are eligible to get 12 cylinders of 14.2kg each at subsidised rates. Any quantity over this has to be bought at market price or non-subsidised rates.

In New Delhi, LPG cylinders are priced at Rs 899.50 presently, while in Mumbai, the price is also at Rs 899.50, the same as Delhi. In Kolkata and Chennai, the LPG prices are at Rs 926.00 and Rs 915.50, respectively.

In Hyderabad, LPG is priced at Rs 952. In Bangalore and Chandigarh, the cylinders are presently priced at Rs 902.50 and Rs 909.00, respectively. In Jaipur, LPG was being sold at Rs 903.50.

The recent increase in prices of subsidised LPG price, has resulted in the cost of the cylinders being cumulatively hiked by Rs 205 per cylinder since 1 January 2021.

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