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Lockdown in Karnataka for next 14 days

Apr 26, 2021
File photo of Chief minister of Karnataka B. S. Yedduyurappa. Image source Twitter Ani

Lockdown in Karnataka for next 14 days. Chief minister B. S. Yedduyurappa announced today .

Earlier today Chief Minister B. S. Yedduyurappa had a meet with all his minister’s. And after taking suggestion from his minister and medical staff. He had releases a press release and requested people to stay indoor. He said that we have been hitted worst by the COVID-19 virus. After Delhi and Maharashtra we are worst than them. We request the people of Karnataka to cooperate with the government. There will be free vaccine for people above 18 years. Anyone will not be stopped from getting vaccinated. Public transport will be completely shut in next 14 days.

Earlier the government had imposed a half lockdown but now they have imposed a likely complete lockdown. Essential items will be allowed from 6 am to 10am. Medicals will be open. As of now there will be night curfew.

Major takeaway points from the press meet

1.The virus is spreading massively in Karnataka. We are on top after Delhi and Maharashtra. The situation is worst. We need to take huge steps.

2.We will vaccinate people above the age of 18 free of cost at govt hospitals.

3. Above 45 years the central government is anyway vaccinating them free of cost.

4.From tomorrow, for 14 days, there will be strict measures in place across the state.

5. Essential groceries will be allowed to be purchased between 6 am to 10 am

6. The manufacturing sector apart from garments, construction, and agricultural sectors will continue, no prohibitions

7.Essential services will continue

8. A curfew will be in place as we have seen on weekends

9. DCs will have to take strict measures. People will have to cooperate. If they do, then we can achieve our target.

10. Inter/intra-state travel will not be allowed on these days. Only for emergency purposes, they’ll be allowed. 

Chief minister B. S. Yedduyurappa told that wrong have hit worse than Maharashtra and Delhi. Just after the nearly 35 thousands of COVID-19 cases. Reported yesterday in Karnataka and alone 20 thousands in Bengaluru. The government decided to impose a ” JANATA CURFEW” For the next 14 days.

Chief Minister Yedduyurappa’s press meet.

Earlier it was thought that lockdown will be imposed only in Bengaluru but the government. Gave twist to the people and imposed a Janta Curfew. Health Minister Sudhakar had gave symbols of complete lockdown. Before the meeting started. He told that the situation is worst. Our hospital’s and staff’s need at least a 14 days of lockdown. So that the chain can be broken.

Things which are permitted are ; Media personals, Medicals, Pharmacy, Construction works and Vegetables, Milk and general stores. Even these essential things like Vegetables, Milk and Kirana stores will be permitted till only 10 am. After that the shops should be shut down by respective owners. Before police informs them. Without any objection.

Doctor’s and common people have been urging to the government to impose the lockdown. Earlier they brought tough rules and it was a half way to lockdown. But after the upsurge in COVID-19 cases and success in Weekend Lockdown. The government decided to impose a lockdown for next 14 days. The implementation of these Lockdown guidelines or Janata Curfew guidelines will be implemented from Tuesday night.

The team Therightmag request it’s readers to wear mask stay safe. Be in homes. Save lives .

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