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Google Pay to introduce Pay Via Voice feature, Check Details

Nov 18, 2021

New Delhi: With a goal to further simplify digital payments, Google today announced the additional option of Hinglish – a conversational hybrid of Hindi and English – on the Google Pay app

It is also planning to roll out Pay-via-Voice feature in Google Pay which will allow transfer of money directly to your bank accounts using voice command. This feature will be available to all users.

“Money is integral to our lives, and our experience with it should be as seamless as our everyday conversations.

The introduction of Hinglish is our attempt to make these interactions even more intuitive and natural via Google Pay,” said Google.

In the same vein, the company also announced the upcoming launch of speech to text, which allows users to use voice input to pay directly to another user’s bank account – they can voice account numbers in Hindi or English into the app to enter the account number, which is then confirmed with the sender before initiating the payment.

Another key feature that it recently announced to mirror how people interact with money is Bill Split, which helps users split and settle shared expenses.

To help micro entrepreneurs and merchants stay competitive in a post-pandemic world by establishing an online presence, Google announced the upcoming launch of MyShop – a functionality available to merchants using Google Pay for Business app which provides merchants a quick store builder tool, where they can add images, descriptions, prices within minutes and then share the link, through the Business Profile, across Google surfaces and beyond Google on social media.

With over 10 million merchants now on Google Pay for Business and many more joining the fold of digital payments everyday, we believe this will be a timely feature to help merchants start their digital journeys. The coming months will see all of these features go live on Google Pay.

Google has laid the roadmap of its India journey with 7th Google for India event. The US-based company reiterated its commitment to use its earlier announced $10 billion fund for India in digitisation.

Now you can also use Google Assistant for end-to-end covid-19 vaccination programme. It will require your Aadhaar to do the registration. You can choose the vaccine and slot available with Google Assistant.

Half of India’s population is still offline. Google partnered with Jio to reach out to those people and in the process partnered with Jio to bring JioPhone Next. JioPhone Next comes with Google developed OS called Pragati.

It has features such as Translate and Read Aloud to help first-time internet users. Google is also working on local filters to evolve the JioPhone Next smartphone. Google is working to bring more affordable and localised smartphones.

Sanjay Gupta, VP of Google India, said, “We are India first company, for billion Indians.” He said that digital economy has increased in India with 2.5 new smartphone users added after pandemic.

The UPI transaction has touched $3.5 billion in valuation and people are spending 20 per cent more time on smartphone. It has started Google Career Support to help college graduates with new employment opportunities.

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