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Famous Beggar who didn’t take more than one rupee dies in Karnataka’s Bellari, 4000 gathered for funeral

Nov 18, 2021

A small shed near the bus stand was his home for the last four decades. He had psychological issues and he begged for his living. When he died two days ago in a road accident, his funeral was attended by hundreds of people.

Basappa alias Huccha Bashya was a ‘famous’ beggar and a known face to many who visited Hoovina Hadagali bus stand.

He was famous as he used to demand only Rs 1 and not used to take cash more than that from anyone. Nobody knows where he came from but the locals here believe that he is a good lucky charm.

“From his young age Basappa is seen begging from many in Hoovina Hadagali town. He must be 40-45 years old.

Locals gave him food on many occasions. He was a known face to all and the locals had stopped efforts of administration to rehabilitate him,” said, Shrinivas Reddy, a resident of Hoovina Hadagali taluk.

A week ago Basappa was hit by a moving bus after which he was admitted to government hospital. He died three days after he was admitted. The news of his death spread in the town and people started gathering at the hospital in large numbers.

Several organisations, shopkeepers and individuals came forward, pooled in money and arranged a procession for the funeral. Locals said close to 3,000-4,000 people attended the last rites of Basappa.

Reddy added that once Basappa was not found at his regular point. “Many people panicked and started searching everywhere.

But he was at his shed itself. The locals have stopped police and other departments from taking him away from the bus stand. Basappa was left at his town when he was young.

This could be because of his mental illness. Whenever people used to give him money he used to smile and bless them. He never troubled anyone and was regular member of the town till he died,” Reddy added.

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