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Ex Minister Bashir has six wife’s. Wife said He Changes wife’s like clothes

Aug 5, 2021
Bashir Choudhary the husband of Six wife’s

Uttar Pradesh; Ex Minister from Uttar Pradesh Choudhary Bashir is recently in news everywhere after her 4th Wife had registered a FIR against the Ex Minister. The case has been registered with respect to the Triple Talak. Which was recently passed by Modi government in the parliament.

Bashir was in news in 2003 , When the news of Bashir was in love with Gazala was wide spread. BSP supremo Mayawati had arranged the Love Marriage between Bashir and Gazala. Gazala was MLC from the Kanpur constituency .

Just after their Lives Marriage Bashir and Gazala had left BSP and Joined Samajwadi party. Bashir had a son from Gazala. But after some time Bashir Divorced Gazala and went on to start new love life.

But he never stopped he continued his marriages and now has six wife’s. In 2012 he had his fourth marriage. After which he was jailed for 23 days. But he didn’t stop there he gave Triple Talak to his fourth wife and continued his marriages.

The fourth wife of Bashir has now filled a complaint that his husband changes wife like people change clothes . But if the same was done earlier 5 precious life wouldn’t be wasted as he has done now.

One of Bashir wife with their children’s.

Six wife’s and thier names!!

Bashir was first successfully wedded with Gazala Lari from Kanpur in the presence of BSP Supremo Mayawati in 2003. He then married Ginni Kakad from Delhi. Bashir wedded Ginni in Hindu culture but soon he gave Triple talak to her. He married Targum and accepted her as his third wife. Targum was also from Delhi but this too didn’t long last.

He married Nagma on 11th November 2012 making Nagma his fourth wife. He was successfully wedded with fifth wife in 2018. His fifth wife was Rubina Kureshi. Rubina was ex wife of a Minister’s brother. And he married Sahistha on 16th July making her his Sixth Wife.

Bashir fourth wife Nagma has filled a case now against him. With the help of Triple talak law. Which has benefitted many women’s, whom their husband has left after saying Talak three times. Which is totally in human.

Bashir hails from Dholikar in Agra. He has been minister in Mulayam rule and in 2002 he was been MLA from BSP’s ticket. After the Maayawati government had lost its election he joined Samajwadi party and became a minister. He was fought many elections after that.

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