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Did you know people don’t buy these 5 things on Dhanteras?

Nov 1, 2021

Dhanteras is considered to be an auspicious day for buying gold, silver and other valuables and is largely celebrated in North and West India.

As per experts, investment demand are usually big driver during this Dhanteras. People usually purchase gold, silver and other metals during Dhanteras. However, it is popularly believed, or being practised as conventions that people usually do not buy certain things during Dhanteras. 

It is just a compilation of 5 things that as per belief, and people stay away from buying them during Dhanteras.

Here are 5 things that people commonly refrain from buying during Dhanteras.


Usually people don’t buy iron or products, utensils made up of iron during Dhanteras.


Steel is also considered inauspicious during Dhanteras. Hence many people avoid buying steel utensils or items during Dhanteras, and instead opt for utensils made of copper or brass.


Glassware or items made up of glass are also considered inauspicious during Dhanteras. In conventional belief, rahu is associated with glass hence they avoid buying it during Dhanteras. So many crockery enthusiasts drop their purchase and keep it for some other time.

Sharp objects

It is a common belief that one should not buy sharp objects during Dhanteras. So things like knives, scissors, and other sharp objects are usually avoided while doing Dhanteras shopping.


It is a customary practice among people that they don’t buy oil or Ghee during Dhanteras. They usually make sure that the house has enough back up of the supply so that families don’t have to purchase oil or ghee on Dhanteras.

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