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Dhanteras Puja Vidhi, Shubh timings in Pune, Bengaluru and other cities

Nov 1, 2021

The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, commences the festivities of Deepawali. As per the Hindu ideology, devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kuber, and Dhanvantari on this day. It is celebrated on the Trayodashi date (13th lunar date) of Krishna Paksha, in the month of Kartik.

It is also deemed as the most auspicious day for shopping, wherein people across India purchase gold or silver ornaments, utensils, brooms among other things so that Goddess Lakshmi blesses their home. Continue reading to know all the details about Dhanteras 2021 date and puja timings in various cities and how it is celebrated.

Dhanteras 2021 Date and Significance

As per Jagran Tv reports, the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated in India on Tuesday, November 2. On this day, people light a Diya outside their home, which helps to ward off the god of death, Yamaraj. The act of buying new utensils, jewellery among other things on this day is said to bring good luck.

According to Hindus ,Goddess Lakshmi emerged with the God of wealth, Kuber, on Dhanteras, making it the ideal day to offer prayers in the anticipation of wealth, Some people also purchase vehicles and other electronic times on this day. In rural areas, farmers decorate and adorn their cattle on the occasion of Dhanteras, which marks their respect towards their source of income via the cattle.

Dhanteras Puja Timing in various cities

As per Drik Panchang, here is the Puja Muhurat for various cities-

  • Chennai- 06:29 PM to 08:10 PM
  • Chandigarh- 06:14 PM to 08:09 PM
  • Kolkata- 05:42 PM to 07:31 PM
  • Bengaluru- 06:40 PM to 08:21 PM
  • Ahmedabad- 06:45 PM to 08:34 PM
  • Noida- 06:16 PM to 08:10 PM
  • Patna- 05:50 PM to 07:42 PM
  • Pune – 06:47 PM to 08:32 PM
  • Delhi – 06:17 PM to 08:11 PM
  • Bhubaneshwar- 05:56 PM to 07:43 PM
  • Jaipur- 06:25 PM to 08:18 PM
  • Hyderabad- 06:30 PM to 08:14 PM
  • Gurgaon- 06:18 PM to 08:12 PM
  • Bhopal- 06:25 PM to 08:14 PM
  • Lucknow- 06:05 PM to 07:58 PM

Auspicious Timings for Gold Shopping on Dhanteras 2021

  • Abhijeet Muhurta ‘ 11:42 AM to 12:26 AM
  • Gaudhool Muhurta – 05:05 to 05:29 (in the evening)
  • Pradosh Kaal – 05:35 to 08:14 (in the evening)
  • Rishabh Kaal ‘ from 06:18 to 08:14
  • Nishita Muhurta – from 11:16 to 12:07 (at night)

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