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Apr 7, 2021

In last few days due to immediate rise in cases of Covid. The state governments are willing to put lockdown or curfew for short time. In many states like Maharashtra and Delhi the government have imposed weekend lockdown. And the business are going through huge loss

This situation have raised because of people who are behaving immature and who are irresponsible. And due to this government have to take such strict action. In many state people are so irresponsible that they organize meetings of more than 100 people. And will not follow any rules or guidelines which are issued by government.


But the small Businessman and retailers are facing the problems and challenges. Due to curfew and lockdown small businesses are suffering alot. At the time of summer the seasonal stores are being shut and slowly slowly they are being closed.

Due to lockdown the businesses are economically dead and not only Small businesses but also Big businesses.

We all know that in summer season at night the people running thela and selling icecream will earn more. But due to night curfew and weekend lockdown these people are suffering.

The businessmans are demanding to open everything and let them do their businesses. And at this point of time Businessmen are right at their place . Because in previous months due to completel lockdown they were unable to run their business. And if now they will not open their shops they will suffer serious damages. As their all savings are now vanished and to smoothly run their families they have to open their shops.

Allegations of the Business and Industries

Government is working according to their rules and not thinking about common people. And in Maharashtra the protest was done by local businesses opposing the decision of lockdown. People have made banners writing that महाराष्ट्र में कोरोना पहले ख़त्म होगा या व्यापारी the situation is not good.

More than 500 small businessmen from Kharghar took out a protest march on Wednesday morning. From Utsav Chowk to Sector 12 market in Kharghar. They claimed that followed COVID 19 norms and adopted the Gandhian way to protest. Against the decision of shutting down all shops except the essential services.

Vijay Patil, president of Ekta Vyapari Sangh, Kharghar said that they are against the decision as this will destroy them completely. “We adopted the Gandhian way to protest and demanded to take back the decision” said Patil. Adding that around 500 to 700 shopkeepers participated in the protest march that started at the Utsav Chowk in Kharghar. And culminated at sector 12 of the node. “If the lockdown is not removed, the businessmen will end before the Corona,” said Patil.

Not only in Maharashtra but other states like Madhya Pradesh , Gujarat and many other states. Businesses are suffering and are about to shut down.

Why the restrictions are for businesses only? And not for doing campaigns?

Major question arise as where is Corona guidelines during Election Campaign

This question arise because in present time there are elections going on in West Bengal . Every party doing their campaigns without following any guidelines or precautions. People who are joining the campaigns are in lakhs and nothing is happening there?

Why government is organizing this campaigns when corona is still there?

And if corona is gone than why government is putting lockdown?

We have seen that the Big parties like BJP, TMC etc are constantly doing campaigns. To hear the speech of the leaders the people who have came are not wearing mask, not following safety guidelines.

After all this is Covid cases will rise in Bengal than who will be responsible?

Businesses and Businessmen are dying and they are now broken . Many people are now on the roads .

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