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Breaking News| Essential shops to open on these dates in Mandya, Check lockdown timings

Jun 13, 2021
Photo from gallery to the article of Lockdown timings in Mandya

As the lockdown has been pushed forward in the 11 district of Karnataka. A revised guidelines has been released for Mandya. The state government had ordered a unlocking process in all the district and had imposed the lockdown till 21st of June in the following district. Mandya, Mysore, Bengaluru Rural, Hassan and others.

The revised guidelines for Mandya district as per the DC’s order will be as mentioned below. The essential shop will be permitted from 6am to 11am on these dates 14th June Monday. 17th June Thursday and 20th June Sunday. As per the orders released by the DC of Mandya.

Who is permitted and Who won’t be?

Medical service and medical shops all time open.
Petrol bunks (including container rows, range) are allowed. All branches (ATMs) in the district will be on duty.

It has banned all sorts of shop-fronts, fish-meat shops, santa, markets, except for milk ash, barber shop, medical shop, farm-related shops.

There is no function of schools and colleges, educational training institutes etc.

Any person other than the Covid duty personnel, police, health, revenue and other department’s Covid liaison officer / personnel

Prohibits all cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums, yoga centers, spas, sports complexes, stadiums, swimming pools, amusement parks, clubs, theaters, bars and halls, assembly halls, and similar places.

All kinds of social / political / sports / entertainment in the district are restricted.

Restricted the public’s access to all religious places in the district, where cultural activities and group gatherings and other religious activities were restricted. In religious places

Allowing for daily worship activities. Parcel only allowed in hotel and breakfast bar.

Restricts the travel of any person other than persons traveling to obtain medical care in an emergency. 1 | Only 30 people are allowed to participate in weddings in the district

Indian Life Insurance (LIC) and Post Office (Post Office) will be open On Monday and Thursday till afternoon.

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