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10 Crore CoVaxin to be produced in One Month – GoI

May 27, 2021

As the COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day. People are trying to register themselves for vaccines. But due to the heavy wastage of vaccines in many states. Like Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh which has more percentage of wastage than national wastage. The national wastage percentage being 0.6 . But many states mentioned above have more than 5% of the wastage. While Gujarat had wastage percentage near to 4 it was reduced to 2% this week.

According to the press release by the central government today on Myths and Facts informed us. That the Bharat Bio Tech which had it’s capacity of producing CoVaxin 1 crore in month, will ramp up to 10 crore by October.

The production of Covi Sheild which has it’s capacity of 6.5 crore will ramp up to 11 crore in a month. Covi Sheild is manufactured by Serum Institute of India said it will ramp up its vaccine production.

The Central Government is playing the role of an effective facilitator to enable more companies to produce vaccines from the early 2020. There is only 1 Indian company (Bharat Biotech) which has the IP.

GoI has ensured that 3 other companies/plants will start production of Covaxin apart from enhancing Bharat Biotech’s own plants. Which have increased from 1 to 4.

Covaxin production by Bharat Biotech is being increased from under 1 Cr per month to 10 Cr month by October.  Additionally, the three PSUs will together aim to produce upto 4.0 Cr doses by December. With constant encouragement of the Government. Serum Institute is ramping up Covishield production of 6. 5 crore doses per month to 11.0 crore doses per month.

According to the press release earlier only Bharat BioTech used to produce CoVaxin but now another 3 companies will tie up. With other three PSU’s the government has aimed to ramp up thr production. The other three PSU will manufacture 4 crore vaccines in a month. With Bharat biotech on its way fir 10 crore.The press release was released against the myths been spread in social media’s and WhatsApp university

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